Four Easy Christmas Recipes

It’s time for festive menu planning to begin!

Here are four easy recipes that are so delicious everyone will be impressed.

1. Roast Potatoes with Fresh Herbs
Let’s start with the classic favourite – roast potatoes. This recipe is super simple – you can use fresh or dried herbs depending on what you have on hand. A quick parboil and then into the oven for a fabulous side!

2. Potato, Mushroom and Three Cheese Tart
If you are on brunch duties, save this tart recipe. Using store-bought puff pastry and featuring the timeless combination of various cheeses and potatoes, everyone will be sure to love it.

3. BBQ Potatoes with Chorizo, Lemon, Smoked Paprika & Mojo Verde
If its a BBQ situation this year, forget the oven and make this amazing dish. The thing that makes it so easy, is that you can mix and match ingredients to suit tastes and you can make a few hours ahead of time and leave it in the fridge until you are ready to cook on the BBQ. You’ve got to love being able to relax and not worry about food prep when the party starts!

4. Crushed Potatoes with Capers
Only 6 ingredients in this dish have earned it a place on the easy recipe list! Plus you don’t have to peel the spuds and it will take only 30 minutes to throw together. Did we mention the recipe is flavour-packed, as the combination of capers, lemon and parsley will ensure it tastes amazing.

We have heaps more great recipes to try so make sure to scroll through and make potatoes the hero this festive season.